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PEMF Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Take your performance to new heights.

Cellular health is the foundation for true wellness and best performance. PEMF Therapy is used extensively among NHL players, teams, trainers and therapists. To quote an esteemed College Sports Medicine Director, "PEMF is the therapy most athletes ask for first".

how it works

High powered PEMF Therapy works like a battery charger for cells.
This is crucial because the estimated 37.2 trillion cells in our bodies are electric and require a specific charge to achieve optimal health. Loss of this innate cellular electrical charge is the beginning of diminished performance, fatigue, and aging. It also makes us more susceptible to injury, illness, and weight gain. 

PEMF Therapy delivers a powerful, gentle, and safe energy into the body that gives cells back the power needed to perform, heal , and repair. This is an electromagnetic energy compatible with that of the Earth. 


Upon delivery, PEMF energy is only drawn to cells that are under-charged (while fully charged cells allow the energy to pass by). As undercharged cells interact with PEMF energy, they constrict forcing toxins out and draw the energy in. Thus, muscle twitching is a common response to high-powered PEMF as the cells regain the power they need to function and repair. 


PEMF works instantly and consistently to stimulate muscles, connective tissues, intestines, tendons and peripheral nerve sites. In doing so, PEMF promotes healing and a return to higher activity levels, and functions that were lost beginning to recovery. 


95% of people report less pain, better range of motion, more energy, and a great sense of wellbeing after using the PEMF. The initial benefits last four hours to four days as cellular healing begins. Repeat treatments extends period of benefits.

the benefits

Reduce pain and inflammation
Improve energy and metabolism
Accelerate recovery and healing
Improve mood and well-being
Amplify benefits of other wellness treatments
(red light, infrared, ozone, sauna, healthy life practice or professional training).
Improves range of motion
Excellent results with Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's
PEMF therapy Sudbury
your wellness goals!

For best results

The Stacking Method

+ Energy Boost

Increase oxygen, lymphatic drainage, inch loss


+ 15 min. Vibrogym workout

+ Contour Red Light

+ Detox Weight Loss

Decrease inflammation,

reduce stress 


+ Slimming Pod or

FIT bodywrap® 

+ Restore Renew

Pain relief, recover, restore, 

improve immune system 


+ Ozone Steam Sauna

+ Ultimate Body Recharge

Lose inches, Lose fat, detoxify

energize, anti-aging


+ 15 min Vibrogym workout

+ Contour Red Light

+ Slimming Pod or Ozone Steam Sauna

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