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Tanning the Right Way Is Possible

The look and feel of a soft glow on your skin may be just what you are looking for. At Simply the Best, we want to ensure you are getting the look you want in the safest manner possible. That means coming in to see our team and learning more about the various solutions available to you. When it comes to tanning, we encourage you to learn more about the methods we use.


Our tanning services include the use of Smart Tan. In this technique, a UV radiation light works to create UVA. This type of light works to stimulate cells in the lower levels of your skin layers. This helps to produce the melanin that you need to have a healthy skin glow. This method is outstanding for other reasons, too. It works to oxygenate and detox the skin while also helping your skin to be more firm and youthful looking. Visit us to learn more.

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