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Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening: Talk to Us About Your Skin

It is not uncommon for people to see significant changes in their skin as they get older. As you get older, the amount of collagen produced by the skin falls off. That means that your skin no longer has that plump, youthful look to it. You may have areas of sagging skin or areas where it just seems like your skin has deflated. Why does this happen? There are various reasons for it, but at Simply the Best, we can offer help. Skin tightening may be an option for your needs.


When Should You Consider Body Contouring?


At Simply the Best, we offer skin tightening for the face and neck, as well as body contouring that can treat other areas of loose skin. We use a number of methods to do this, including Contour Light Body Sculpting. This method was developed by NASA as a way to help speed up cell regeneration and the healing process. We use it to help reduce fat cells in the treated area and to improve skin tone. This is just one of several treatment options we have to provide to you.


When you come in to see our team, we will talk to you about your problem areas and then provide a full examination. We want to learn about the cause and condition of your skin first. From there, we may recommend one of the skin tightening options we offer to treat flabby skin. Our body contouring services are highly effective in treating pockets of fat that do not seem to improve when it comes to weight loss.


Learn more about all the services we offer by calling our team. At Simply the Best, we want to ensure you are getting the most innovative solutions to help you have the skin your love and desire.

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