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weight loss Sudbury, ON

 Lose inches, gain muscle while relaxing

in a therapeutic environment.

FIT Bodywrap® produces safe and natural far infrared heat, which is light we can’t see but can feel as warmth. All humans and warm blooded animals generate this type of heat naturally and more than half of the sun’s output is infrared. 

how it works

infrared rays

Infrared heat is “radiant” heat. When it penetrates the skin, it transforms light into energy. 

✔ Radiant heat triggers your body to produce sweat and burn calories 

✔ Sweating is a part of the complex thermoregulatory process of the body 

✔ Thermal effects within the deep layers of tissue cause blood vessels in capillaries to dilate promoting better blood circulation 

✔ The heat produced also helps rid your body of toxins and metabolic wastes 

the results


Studies have shown that sweat produced during infrared sessions

can contain as much as 20% fats and toxins.

Lose more than just water weight! Infrared has been found to assist with weight loss by eliminating fats & toxins. It can also help rebuild collagen which can reduce the appearance and further accumulation of cellulite.

pain relief

A 2008 study found that chronic pain patients experienced nearly a 70% reduction in pain levels after the first infrared therapy session.

Infrared can improve the condition of the skin through metabolism,

oxygenation of tissue and increased blood flow.


Infrared can aid in providing profound relaxation by maintaining healthy

levels of cortisol in the body.

FIT Booster Spray

The FIT Booster spray is the

key enhancement to all 

FIT Bodywrap® sessions and the perfect daily treatment 

for toning, tightening and cellulite reduction. 

real results

Originally I had tried the

FIT Bodywrap® for weight loss,

but now I am excited that I have found something that can help my chronic pain. I have fibromyalgia, and the heat feels so good on my joints ~Tracy P

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