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Facial Resurfacing

Top Facials: What Can We Do So You Love Your Face?

Both men and women can benefit from some of the top facials we offer at Simply the Best. Facials are not just designed to soothe your skin. They can be beneficial to your overall health. They can help to reduce stress and tension. They can even help you to love the way your skin looks. Our team offers a wide selection of facials that can be customized to fit the specific needs of your skin or what your unique goals are. If you are thinking now is the time to start paying attention to your skin (and everyone should be), visit our team at Simply the Best to learn more.


Is Facial Resurfacing Right for You?


Many people benefit from a process called facial resurfacing. During this process, we use a series of steps to help gently remove the very outer layer of skin on your face. This is not painful, and it does not damage the skin. Rather, it allows us to remove the damaged skin to allow healthy, youthful looking skin to shine through. Facial resurfacing is a very effective treatment that is designed to provide you with significant improvement in skin condition. It can help to encourage scars and age spots to fade. It can also help to minimize the appearance of fine lines.


Could Photofacials Help You?


The term photofacials is one that is getting a lot of attention today and with good reason. Photofacials are unique types of treatment that use various types of light. A device is applied to the skin where problem areas occur. The light does not hurt, and it is not hot. However, when applied properly, it can help to minimize the appearance of many facial problems, including acne and blemishes. It can also help to tone down uneven skin tones and areas of dry skin. If you have red skin or blotchy skin, photofacials may be one of the most effective methods available to you for improving it.


What Is Right for Your Needs?


At Simply the Best, we know you want access to the top facials available today. We believe we offer them. When you come in for an appointment at Simply the Best, our team will work with you to learn what your skin conditions are and what areas you would like to treat. We can then talk to you about the range of treatment options available and how each one of them can improve your skin. This includes facial resurfacing, photofacials, and many others. During a one-on-one session, we can uncover the right types of treatment for your needs. Schedule a consultation with our team to learn more.

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